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Officers & Advisors

Officers & Advisors

Ruth Dickinson


Ruth graduated in 2015 with a 4-year BA - double major in Geography and Classics. Ruth loves working with both the UW-GK and as President of the University of Winnipeg Alumni Council. Ruth continues her studies to complete her Honours BA and apply for a Masters Program. She loves to travel and volunteer.

Mathieu Godin

Executive Vice-President

Mathieu is in the process of completing a BAH in Linguistic as well as a four-year BA in Psychology with a minor in Political Science. He plans to get his Masters in Linguistics with the intent of reviewing and implementing changes, if required, concerning language acts and policies in all levels of government.

Bilane Osman

Vice-President Finance

Bilane is a third year student pursuing an Integrated Bachelor of Science and Education Degree. She has an animated and engaging personality and is always passionate of sharing her knowledge with her surroundings. She is a proud member of the UW Golden Key Honour Society and is looking forward to meeting members and building strong, interactive relationships. She also enjoys volunteering at Siloam Mission and taking part in fundraisers for local communities like Peaceful Village. Her hobbies include outdoor summer activities like swimming and biking. Upon completion of her degree, Bilane is going to be pursuing a biology teaching career both in French and in English.

Kayla Berg

Vice-President Records

Kayla is in her 3rd year of the 5 year Integrated Education Program with a major in Geography and a double minor in Mathematics and Religion & Culture. She's on the Dean's Honour List as a Student of Highest Distinction. When she is not busy with school work she is spending time making memories with her four children. She is excited to be on the Executive Committee because she believes strongly in both education and being active in your community.

Patricia Joven

Vice-President Communications

Patricia is in her fourth year at university and is currently pursuing a degree in Biochemistry. She has been placed on the Dean's Honour List in the 2015-2016 academic year and this year has been awarded a Chemistry Department Award. Inspired by her volunteering trip in South Africa, she hopes to pursue a career in the medical sciences. She enjoys volunteering and reading in her spare time.

Roselle Panganiban

Director of Communications

Roselle is in her last year pursuing a four year undergraduate degree in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications with a minor in Interdisciplinary Linguistics. She currently works as a writing tutor at the Tutoring Centre in Graham Hall, and she helped to edit the first issue of Crossings, a humanities and social sciences journal at the University of Winnipeg. As a passionate and self-motivated learner, Roselle strongly advocates thinking critically about the world, methodologies combining theory and practice, and fostering cultural sensitivity in an era so globally (and digitally) connected. Roselle plans to continue her education at the Master's level. Regardless of professional endeavours, she is committed to publishing work as an independent scholar: her current interests are in medical rhetoric, practices of knowledge-production, and critical media literacy. During her free time, Roselle enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, attending and volunteering at church, and spending time with friends and family. She looks forward to developing new leadership skills and forming relationships with like-minded individuals at the Golden Key UW Chapter so as to participate and contribute meaningfully to local and international communities.

Breanna Waterman

Vice-President Events

Breanna is in her sixth year of pursuing a double major in History and Anthropology, and a minor in English. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to continue studying history, eventually hoping to work in a museum. She enjoys travelling, reading, and writing. "

Abbey Meadows

Director Events

Abbey is a 3rd year student in the faculty of Kinesiology, majoring in Exercise Science, who plans to pursue a degree in medicine. Abbey is excited to be a part of the Golden Key Executive Team as Director of Events. Abbey is passionate about Kinesiology and Science. She has volunteered for two years with the UW Let’s Talk Science summer camp for inner city children, among various other volunteer work. Last year, Abbey was awarded with the Dr. Randy Kobes Memorial Scholarship for her extracurricular volunteer work, particularly in scientific outreach. Abbey works doing respite with children with special needs, and in her free time enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as going to the gym, and playing hockey.

Khuong Huynh

Vice-President Marketing

Khuong is a third-year student in the Integrated Program in the Faculty of Education. Khuong is majoring in History and minoring in English literature. He hopes to one day teach English overseas across Asia. Khuong joined the Golden Key because the organization reasonates with his interests for academic learning, community service, and provides many opportunities to develop valuable leadership skills for the future.

Tya Waterman

Director of Marketing

Tya is in her fourth year of studies, double majoring in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications and Women's and Gender Studies. When she finishes her degree, she plans to get her Masters in Publishing with the hopes of working for a social activist publishing company. In her spare time, Tya enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking.

Ugonna Chigbo

Vice-President Fundraising

Ugonna is a fourth year student completing his Psychology major with a minor in International Development Studies. He is extremely passionate about all things academic and is always searching for ways to develop through volunteering on campus and in the local community. He is a proud UW Golden Key member. Ugonna's other interests include hosting a radio show, performing with his improv. troupe, and being a volunteer medical first responder.

Camila Navarro

Director of Tutoring

Maria is a 3rd year Economics student at The University of Winnipeg. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, running, reading, volunteering in different community events and spending time with her family and friends. Maria's aspirations are to pursue a masters degree in Applied Economics in Policy Making and work as an economist for the federal government of Canada. She is currently volunteering with The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the international student association, and has volunteered with International Student Services, and for the Lloyd Axworthy lecture series at The University of Winnipeg. She has currently joined the University of Winnipeg Golden Key Chapter International Honour Society because it is an association that strives to help students achieve their full potential in leadership skills, academic excellence and service, which provides an opportunity to help the University of Winnipeg and surrounding areas and communities.

Francine Laurin

Past President

Francine is an alumna of the University of Winnipeg with a 4yr Bachelor of Business & Administration - double minor in History and Political Science. She received the Star of Spence Street Convocation Award at graduation as well as the Rotary Club Scholarship, Indspire Scholarship, and Louis Riel Award. Francine will be continuing her studies when attending Southampton Law School, ranked in the global top 1% of Universities, United Kingdom, in the fall of 2017. Her passion outside of her studies is to volunteer in her local community and spend time with family and friends.

Cathrine Froese-Klassen

Faculty Advisor

Cathrine Froese-Klassen, a UW Education Faculty member, editor, and published scholar, specializes in gifted and talented education, curriculum development, and pedagogy. She has held many leadership positions. As a co-founder of the UW-GK Chapter in 2013, she has been the Faculty Advisor since its inception and also the representative on the Golden Key Council of Advisors for the Canadian region since June 2015.

Angela Daet


Angela graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Math in 2016 and is currently a 5th year education student. She was the Co-President of the Mathematics and Statistics Students Association for the 2015-2016 year, and has been a student ambassador for the UW for three years. She enjoys promoting math and chemistry to youth by volunteering with UW Let’s Talk Science, judging at multiple science fairs, tutoring at Wayfinders Manitoba for 2½ years, and volunteering as a group leader at the Biomedical Youth Summer Camp. Angela also enjoys travelling, cycling, playing badminton, and spending time with her family and friends.

Xuqi (Leslie) Zhou


Leslie feels honoured to join the University of Winnipeg Golden Key chapter. He is currently in his second year in the Applied Computer Science Honours program. His lifetime goal is to build a company like Google and Apple. In his free time he enjoys playing sports, music, and volunteering in various community events. He also enjoys staying at home and surfing the internet. Upon completion of his Bachelors degree, Leslie will pursue a Masters in Business and Administration.

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