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UW-GK Tutoring

UW-GK Tutoring

The UW-GK tutoring services has had another successful winter term.

Thank you to all of the tutors who did outstanding work!

Look for new tutor information coming up in September 2017!

Have a great summer!


Worried about double entry book keeping? Gantt charts got you down? The Department of Business offers FREE Tutoring for students in BUS-1000 and 2000 level courses, as well as in Intro to Micro & Macro Economics!

Act now to stay ahead of the game! Contact to get started.

Tutors Wanted!
The Business department is coordinating tutoring services for both Business and Economics students. They are currently looking for students that would be available to provide paid tutoring services

If you are interested in becoming a paid economics tutor, please contact the Business & Administration Department Assistant, Carlene Osborne at


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